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Beauty of a person both body and heart can be seen through their eyes. A lot can be read in a person’s eyes. They speak volumes. Beautiful eyes are the most beautiful part of humans and eyelashes no doubt form a part of eyes. One must take good care of their eyes not just from the beauty point of view but as a very important and sensitive sense organ. It is with these eyes only that we can see this beautiful world. And eye lash is not an ornamental part of eye, it has very vital role to play of stopping any foreign object from entering in our eyes. It also protects our eyes from dust and other particles that may enter our eye. That is why if you would have noticed camels, the ship of desserts have really huge eye lashes to protect their eyes from sand particles.

But you must be wondering, eye lashes are something that we have naturally then why are we talking about it? then you must update yourself, because now you can grow your eyelashes to beautiful and curvy lashes. You can now buy Lash Growth Serum, know as Generic Latisse Online for long eyelashes It starts giving result in three to four weeks. The best news is that you can buy this Solution online. It is not always about beautification, there are some people who suffer with some serious eye disorders, like glaucoma, and this can be used to treat glaucoma to a greater extent.

Generic Latisse also for Glaucoma Treatment

Glaucoma is an eye disease in which a person may loss his vision. The optic never which sends messages to brain about light sensing so that we can see, gets damaged and affects the ability to see properly.  Though the exact reason is still unknown and the research work is still in process, but it is known that the blood flow reduces in the optic nerve and there is a lot of pressure on eyes but sometimes even when there is normal pressure on eyes, some people may develop glaucoma.

There are various ways to treat glaucoma like pills, surgery both laser and traditional, eye drops, or a suitable combination of one or more of these methods, though these methods should be used in early stages as loss of vision due to glaucoma cannot be rectified or reversed. That is why it is suggested to visit your eye doctor for a regular check up and keep an eye on what’s happening behind your eyes.

What is Latisse and How it Works?

Latisse is a varied version of eyelashes serum that is helpful to grow darker, longer and thick eyelashes. It is been used by many Hollywood actresses even in past, since it is been approved by FDA.  It is to be applied only on the upper eye lash with the applicator that comes along with the solution. It is a single use applicator which should not be re-used as repeated application may result in serious eye infection. It is to be applied with closed eyes on the upper part and while blinking it automatically spread to the lower eye lash.

Where and How to Buy Latisse?

You can buy Latisse from a druggist or a pharmacist and with the advent of internet in our day to day lives; it is very easily available on the internet too. Now you can get this serum without taking the trouble of going out to pick up these drops. Unlike in the past, when it used to be just round the corner now-a-days it is just a click away.

Benefits of Latisse Ophthalmic Solution for Women

Just like our hair on head, that grows and sheds itself in a period of time, our eye lashes also grow and then sheds itself. But this ophthalmic solution does is it increase the growth rate of eye lashes and also increases the hair growth spots, hence increasing the density making it look thinker. Order Careprost Online also aids in making the eyelash darker in color. Thus with just one solution you get many benefits.

Usages and Storage Information Eyelashes Serum Latisse(Careprost)

It is for oral application on the upper eye lid only. No other way should be applied like injecting directly into the blood vessel is a strict no. it should be applied only once in a day, preferably before bed time at night. It should be kept away from the reach of children.  Do read the manual that comes with the package to better understand about the usage and storage

Precautions to be Taken While Using Careprost

Any eye drop should be applied with utmost care and precision after all it’s a matter of eyes, with which we see. Face should be nicely washed and cleaned before applying the drops. If you were contact lens then that must also be removed before application.

As mentioned above it should be applied only on the upper eye lash and not on the lower eye lash whatsoever. A very thin layer should be carefully applied on the eyelash and nowhere else as it may lead to hair growth on other part too, if applied elsewhere. So make sure to wipe off any excess drop on or around your eyes.

Side Effects of Latisse (Careprost) Eyelashes Serum

There is not been any report for any life threatening side effects, but there might be slight side effects. In any case it should be immediately reported to your ophthalmologist. There might be at times redness of eyes or dryness. Pregnant and nursing women should preferably stay at a distance from it, as it would be in their best interest. There can also be darkening of the upper eye lid due to its use and also brownish color of iris too. If you notice any such change, do not forget to immediately visit your eye doctor.

Reviews for Latisse Eyelashes Serum Online

There has been a very positive reviews about usage and results that this eyelashes serum has delivered in last decade. It can be bought online with the Generic Name of Generic Latisse and it is available with the Brand Name of Careprost.

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