Waklert The First Generation Nootropic Drugs to Treat Sleep Apnea

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Waklert is a version of Nuvigil which is the brand name of Armodafinil, approved by FDA.In other words, Waklert is another brand name of Armodafinil which is manufactured in Mumbai, India by a Pharma company called Sun Pharma. Aa condition where the patient falls asleep in the day time for many times usually for just a few seconds or minutes which may occur at any time, sleep apnea (a condition caused by due to blocked airways and the person is unable to breath during sleep)and shift work disorder (a condition seen in people working in shifts where there are feel the urge to sleep when attention is needed, lack of energy, insufficient sleep, depression and irritability).

Apart from this, Waklert is also helpful in improving the mood and cognitive ability of a person. Hence, this pills is used in cases of strong mental energy. It is very reasonable priced when compared to Nuvigil and also has better quality and effects.

Action Mechanism Waklert

While the real action of the drug is not known, it is thought that it works on certain chemicals and substances in the brain. It gives long lasting alertness without any severe side effects. It works on the chemicals that control the wake cycle and cause sleep disorders. Studies say that it works by increasing the amount of dopamine around the neurons. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter which is used by nerves to communicate helps in many functions related to the mood of the person and helps in focus and concentration. Hence, Armodafinil works in the brain by reducing the re-uptake of dopamine by the nerves which results in an increase in extracellular dopamine around the neurons. It works on a specific pathway of brain that regulates sleep and is responsible for wakefulness.

Once you take the medicine, it starts to work in 2-4 hours and works for about 8-10 hours after taking it.

Benefits of Waklert Products Sleep Apnea Pills

Waklert is primarily used for wakefulness problems. It is very helpful in people suffering from narcolepsy, sleep apnea or shift disorders. It functions to keep you awake despite any sleep irregularities and deprivation.

It is a very natural sense of feeling of being awake as reported by many users.
Apart from that, it works on many optimizing many brain functions like improving focus, concentration, attention, reasoning, motivation and mood.
It is also noted to increase your energy.

It is used to treat many other conditions that are not approved by FDA, like depression, schizophrenia problems of jet leg, used as a cognitive enhancer and brain booster.

Dosages and Storage Information Waklert

Waklert is available in the form of tablets of 50 mg or 150mg in bottles.

This medication has a very long life and hence only one dose will be sufficient in most cases. Your doctor will be the best one to determine the dose based on your condition and reason for the drug. However, a dose of 150 mg is usually recommended to be taken in the morning with or without food. This can also be taken in the afternoon with one glass of water.

One can take a dose of up to 300mg per day which can either be taken at once or split into 2 doses to allow the body tolerate. Some may experience benefits with high doses where as some might not need that high dose. So, your doctor will be the best one to guide you on that. Tests conducted on high doses do not show any damage or risk.Never miss a dose or over dose

Storage Information of Waklert

This drug is available in the forms of tablets in a bottle of 30 tablets. It should be stored in the temperature between 20-25 degree Celsius. Keep the bottle tightly closed and away from moisture and heat.

Left over tablets should be carefully disposed so that nobody else consumes it.

Precautions to be Taken While Consuming Waklert

Before starting this drug, inform your doctor of the allergies, medicines (of nay type) and your health condition such as heart problems, irregular heartbeat, chest pain, blood pressure, depression, mood disorders, mental disorders, liver problems and use of alcohol/drugs.

You may feel dizzy and drowsy. Hence, it is advisable not to drive or do any task that needs quick response or alertness. Avoid alcohol and alcohol drinks.

Pregnant and breastfeeding women should take it only if it is really required and you should discuss about the benefits and risks included while taking this drug.

Some birth control pills do not work while you take Armodafinil. Check with your doctor on this.

Avoid taking MAO inhibitors 2 weeks before and during this drug and even after the treatment. This drug may interact with other drugs. So, keep your doctor informed about all the medicines that you are taking, especially medicines that you are taking for blood pressure or anything for liver.

Side Effects of Narcolepsy Medication

Though Waklert is tolerated by many people, there are some common side effects that one may experience such as:

  • fatigue
  • headache,
  • nervousness,
  • nausea,
  • dizziness
  • stomach issues.
  • Anxiety,
  • Dry mouth,
  • Blurred vision,
  • Palpitations,
  • Insomnia (difficulty in sleeping),
  • Abdominal pain,
  • Irritability,
  • Dyspepsia,
  • Increased liver enzymes, ,
  • Diarrhea,
  • Depression,
  • Tachycardia,
  • Confusion,
  • Constipation.

In some rare cases, there may be serious side effects like:

  • allergies such as hives or a rash,
  • swelling on face, lips, or tongue,
  • Abnormal thoughts and
  • breathing difficulties

You need to get immediate medical help if you notice:

  • A skin rash
  • Blisters or peeling in skin,
  • Breathing problems
  • severe dizziness,
  • Itching or swelling of the face, throat or tongue.

User Review for Waklert

While you check the internet for reviews by users, there are mixed comments. It is all because each drug works differently for different people. However, most of the people rated this drug to be very effective for ADHD, obstructive sleep disorders, shift disorder, Chronic fatigue syndrome, Fibromyalgia and bipolar disorder. It has been found to be good for narcolepsy also.

Waklert is available in pharmacies and drug stores.

There are many websites where you can buy online where it is available in pill form and in bottles of 20, 50, 100, 200 or 300 pills.

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