Clear the cold sores with Valtrex ( Valacyclovir )

Valtrex onlineThe cold sores turn up at the most inopportune moments. They appear when you are having a party to attend or an important meeting. They are painful and oozing. They are known as fever blisters. They will form near your lips and will be like small fluid-filled lesions. They can be itchy, tingling and may also burn.

This is called as the herpes simplex complex. Herpes viruses are of two types. The cold sores are formed by the type 1 virus. But rarely HSV-1 will cause sores near the private areas and the type 2 will cause sores near the mouth.

There are no proper cures for avoiding the formation of the cold sores and also removing them. However, they are caused by infectious viruses and can be treated with antiviral medicines. The best medication to treat the herpes cold sores is the ‘Valtrex’ and many medics refer this medication to the patients who suffer from it. The Valtrex contains active ingredients called as Valacyclovir. This medication is helpful in the clearing up cold sores quickly.

Treat the cold sores with Valtrex

The cold sores will get a week to heal. However the initial cold sore will get longer to heal. When you want to remove the cold sore quickly, your medic will prescribe you this medication. If you are prone to more cold sores that are periodic in nature you can try using the Valacyclovir to lessen the ill effects of the sores. You can discuss with your doctor to get the perfect plan for the treatment of the cold sores.

The dosage details

The anti-virus medications can be obtained in the oral caplet. The medicine can be procured in the 500 mg and 1 gram strength. The medicine is available as a branded drug as well as a generic medicine called as Valacyclovir. The generic form of the Valtrex is also an oral tablet that is available in suitable strengths.

The dose for the adults and children

The prescribed dosage is 3mg daily that should be taken twice. This must have a gap of twelve hours. The medicine must be taken the moment you see the sign of the cold sore.

The dose for the very young children

It is not prescribed for the children younger than eleven years but the medicine can be taken a little for remedying the situation of chicken pox for two years and younger than that.

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