Generic Latisse Will Grant Relief from Hypotrichosis

order Generic latisse ophthalmicYou may order generic latisse online at primerxmart, if you are suffering from hypotrichosis. This is a condition, wherein the growth of your eyelashes is abnormal or inadequate in nature. You will definitely feel better with darker, stronger, thicker and longer eyelashes! However, you may not avail the remedy offline/online, without a legitimate prescription that a licensed medical practitioner has signed.


Do not mistake this medical condition for a cosmetic one, especially if it has been in evidence since your birth due to a genetic defect. Alternatively, nervous habits (tics) or diseases may cause the eyelashes to shed as usual, but prevent re-growth. Sometimes, over pulling of eyelashes or excessive use of mascara all the time may be responsible. Whatever is the case, if you order generic latisse ophthalmic, it can provide good relief.

Generic latisse has always been an integral ingredient of eye drops. Additionally, it functions in the same way as prostaglandins do. The latter refer to natural chemicals, which are responsible for stimulating hair follicles. The re-activated hair follicles then encourage the hair strands to be longer, stronger, thicker and darker in appearance.

Precautionary Measures

Note that your eyes are precious gifts, which can never be replaced. Therefore, treat them with caution. Towards this end, ensure that you cleanse your hands thoroughly, prior to touching the 0.03% solution or the sterile applicator that accompanies the package. Do check if the liquid displays any signs of deterioration or discolouration, before you use them on your eyelids. This is why it is extremely important to know where to order generic latisse online.

Rinse your face thoroughly, destroying all traces of creams, lotions or makeup.

If you wear contact lenses, remove them. The lenses may suffer discoloration if you keep them on. Keep a gap of 15-20 minutes, after topical application of the medication, before inserting them into your eyes once again.

If you have a history of intraocular pressure, injuries to the eye, infections/swellings, or eye surgeries, be frank with your healthcare provider. Remember that generic latisse is used for eyelashes.

Side Effects of Using Generic Latisse

In general, you might suffer from redness of eyes, slight dizziness, dry eyes or eye discomfort. However, they do not last for long, and your eyes will become adjusted to generic latisse.

Other side effects are not common. However, you may report to a medical practitioner immediately if you should experience them just after application onto the eyelid margins. These side effects include itching, rash, swelling of throat/face/tongue, swollen eyes, loss of vision, discharge from the eyes, changes in vision, difficulty in breathing or discolouration of iris/skin of eyelids. If something else happens, it could be due to a pre-existing health condition, or an allergy to Bimatoprost.

To conclude, whenever you apply the medication to the margins of both eyelids, use separate, disposable sterile applicators.

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