Get the treatment of problem like herpes with help of valtrex

Valtrex generic for saleThe virus that causes herpes stays in the body even after treating herpes and can return any time. So, there is no cure to this disease. The only way is to take some anti-viral medicines that help to control the discomfort of cold sores caused by herpes, which are of numerous types. Medical practitioner usually prescribe Valtrex which is one of the anti viral medicine to treat herpes.

What is Valtrex?

It is an anti-viral medicine with the active ingredient Valacyclovir hydrochloride which is also known as Valtrex HCL. The is chemically known as L-valine. It is a FDA approved prescription drug used to treat:

1. Cold sores (caused due to herpes labialis)
2. Shingles (herpes zoster)
3. Genital herpes in adults
4. genital herpes in adults infected with HIV-1 virus
5. to control the spread of virus to others among adults using safe sex practices
6. cold sores in children above 12 years
7. chickenpox in children between the age 2 to 18

This is a prescription drug and can be purchased at a local pharmacy. You can also buy Valtrex online best for treatment of herpes. The usual price of 1g tablet at a pharmacy is $228 for customers who pay by cash and insurance plans are not valid. 500mg tablets can cost between $10-13 per unit. This pills is also available in generic form that is approved by FDA but that does not mean that the product could be commercially available due to the drug patent or its exclusivity. That being said, it is still possible to buy generic Valtrex online pharmacy. This medication is available under certain manufacturers like ApotexInc, Aurobindo pharma, Cipla ltd, Dr.Reddy’s Lab, Hetero Labs Ltd V, Jubilant Generics, Mylan pharma etc. When buying online, you should be careful about buying the legal generic form as there are many scams and the medicines sold could be unsafe for use. Hence, if you are buying online, you should be sure to order it from a reputed and trusted site which has safe payment options. The cost per unit depends on the manufacturer and there are many sites where you find Valacyclovir generic for sale.

The brand name of Valacyclovir. It is easily available online and hence you can buy online with no prescription. However, care has to be taken on your part to ensure that you are using a prescription medicine and order Valacyclovir only in that case. It is also suggested that you should read the general know about of the medicine before you place an order. With this, you will be sure to know the effects and side effects of the medicine. However, the best person is still your doctor who can suggest the best dosage depending on your age and health condition. You also have to be careful about the brand and strength that you are ordering online.

The best place for buy generic Valtrex Online from where you can get this medication in strengths of 1g or 500mg and comes in different quantities as well. The price per unit is $0.80 and they also offer free shipping as well.

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