Many people sufferers by herpes are treated with Valtrex

Valacyclovir hydrochloride also known as Valtrex HCLMany sufferers of herpes are treated with Valtrex, an effective medicine for cold sores and herpes.While sores is a problem that can reoccur as the virus that causes it stays in your body even after the symptoms of the problem go away. Hence, the only treatment for herpes is to use anti-viral medicines. This medication is found to be very effective in treating cold sores and herpes in both adults and children.

Valacyclovir and its dosage:

This medication is an anti-viral FDA approved medicine that is only available on prescription. It has the active ingredient Valacyclovir hydrochloride also known as Valtrex HCL. As herpes is caused due to the growth of virus, Oder Valtrex online it works by stopping the growth of the virus and hence gives a relief from the pain and itchiness caused due to herpes cold sores. With the use of this pills, the reoccurrence of cold sores and herpes is delayed to a large extent. To get better results, patients are advised to take the medicine as soon as they symptoms of herpes and cold sores.

While your doctor is the best person to guide you on the dosage, Valacyclovir treatment for cold sores 500mg dosage to be taken 2 times per day is suitable for herpes simplex in patients above the age of 12 years. Once herpes is treated, 500mg per day would be a recommended dose to suppress the virus. For people suffering from the problem since a long time and many times per year, may be recommended to take 250mg twice a day to get better results.

A dose of 2000mg to be taken 2 times per day is found to be effective in treating people with herpes labialis. However, there should be a time gap of 12 hours between the doses.

Apart from this medication, the active ingredient Valacyclovir is also available in generic form. Though it is a generic form, the medicine is the same and do not expect it to be easily available. This medication has been recently approved by FDA and is made by a few manufacturers like Dr.Reddy???s Labs, Sandoz, Sun Pharma, Teva Pharma, Watson labs, Wockhardt etc. You can buy Valtrex online very easily. However with so many online pharmacy stores, there is a possibility of scam and hence care is needed while you invest and order the medicine. You need to ensure that you are ordering the medicine from a reputed and trusted store and for that, it is advisable to check their reviews and policies. You will also come across many websites where Valtrex pills for sale available at a very cheap price. Do not get carried away by the price difference. Ensure that you are buying quality product. Else you are risking your health.

Buying Valacyclovir

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