Reduce the risk of reappearance of oral herpes with valtrex pills

order valtrex pillsInfections can be cured with the help of antibiotics or anti-viral medicines depending upon whether it is a bacterial or viral infection. Despite of this, there are certain viral infections which can send chills down your spine. Herpes is one of them. Herpes is caused by herpes simplex virus, HSV-1 and HSV-2. Though it is consider as STD, it can be transmitted by skin-to-skin contact as well. HSV-1 is known to be the reason for oral herpes onset and HSV-2 is known to develop genital herpes. Both the types of infections have no cure but you can treat them and control the outbreaks with the help of Valtrex HCL.

What is oral herpes?

As mentioned earlier, oral herpes is caused by HSV-1 virus. When one is being affected by this virus, he/she starts developing painful sores on lips, inside the cheeks, tongue, gums and on the roof of the mouth. One also experiences fever, muscle aches and headaches. These symptoms differ from one to another and depend on the severity of the infection. In most of the cases, early symptoms or warning signs are not visible even if the infection has started rooting. Treatment of Herpes depends on the severity of the symptoms and frequency of the outbreaks. The most effective treatment is oral or topical valtrex medicine.

What causes oral herpes?

Oral herpes is contagious. It can spread due to skin-to-skin contact along with sharing things with the infected person or getting intimate with the person. The herpes virus can be transmitted through bodily fluids. It also spreads from touching unaffected body parts after touching the cold sores. The motto of cold sores treatment is to prevent the infection from spreading.

Herpes virus stays dormant for a period of time and becomes active under favourable conditions. In most of the cases, herpes symptoms do not appear even when the infection has been spread. It is important for one to get bloods tests done for herpes especially after unprotected sexual encounter.

How to recognize you have contracted oral herpes

As mentioned earlier, oral herpes shows symptoms such as blisters or cold sores on the lips and tongue but in majority of the cases, these symptoms do not show up. Some people also experience burning and itching around the corner of the mouth or lips where the cold sores are present. Swollen glands or pain while swallowing along with flu like symptoms also seen in some patients. The good news is you can treat these symptoms with the help of Valtrex pills topical or oral medicine.

How is oral herpes spread across?

When a healthy person get in touch with the infected with the infected person or shares his/her clothes, utensils or get physically intimate with him/her, oral herpes get transmitted. One has to be cautious while dealing with a person affected with herpes.

Treatment of herpes

Valacyclovir HCL also known as Valtrex pills offers comfort by reducing the intensity of the symptoms. You need to take this drug as per medical instructions to avoid complications that arise due to overdose of the medicine. You can buy the drug by simply searching for it by putting Valtrex buy online USA in the search bar or you can visit online drug stores primerxmart that sell the pills Valtrex online at affordable price.

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