Remove your sorrows and anxiety with seroquel

???	Generally 50mg is the Seroquel dosage for anxietyHi, this is Sophia, and I have got a story to share, a chunk of my own most pathetic phase of life. I used to often have shifts in mood due to circumstances, am sure most of you undergo this. But what happens when this becomes severe and out of your control? I was a victim of bipolar disorder having undergone through acute emotional states, each mood being drastically different from the previous one. It included either a maniac attack or a depressed situation. A situation of feeling elated or high, or utter despair and hopelessness. It was hampering my daily life, best owing me with fits of energy or drab phases inactivity. Soon I felt the urge to consult a doctor and was detected with this mental disorder. Doctor told me that it can even lead to schizophrenia, resulting in a miserable perception of reality. He immediately recommended me to take the drug, Seroquel.

Thanks to online pharmacies I came home and browsed through their Web Pages to buy cheap and authentic medicine. It is best to Order seroquel online from primerxmart as they provide you with the best deal regarding the drugs available. Conveniently from your home you can order Seroquel quetiapine online and reap the benefits of this wonder-drug. I soon started seeing the positive impact it had on my life and am always indebted to it. You might feel skeptical and wonder how long does quetiapine take to work, just like me, but count on my words, within 14-21 days you would evidence visible differences, and within a month or two you would be happily perceive the benefits to this medication. Put an end to your worries and order Seroquel to treat the symptoms of schizophrenia, and lead a normal life again.

Dosage and indications:

Despite of being a very safe drug must not be consumed in any circumstance without medical consultation, as it can be fatal for your nerves and can inflate your anxiety.

??? Generally 50mg is the Seroquel dosage for anxiety, but it can be increased up to 150-300mg varying upon different factors like age, other physical conditions, or presence of any disease.

??? Over dosage can be give trouble, so please make sure you have this medication only when asked by your doctor.

??? Do not take a double-dose of the medicine, as it would make the situation worse.

??? Preferably you can take it with light meals and a glass of water.

??? Avoid alcohol in any case along with this pills as it can have harmful effects.


Though this medication is reported to be a safe drug yet if abused or misused, like taking it excessively, quetiapine medication side-effects can be really dangerous. Consult a doctor immediately if you see these symptoms:

??? having difficulty in breathing;
??? kind of swelling in your facial parts or throat.
??? mood or behavioral changes
??? increasing anxiety, panic attacks
??? thoughts about suicide or hurting yourself.
??? insomnia

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