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Generic Latisse secret for getting gorgeous eyelashes is revealed

order generic latisse Where does the generic Latisse eye drop derive from?

The Generic Latisse was derived from the medicine called Lumigan which was used to treat glaucoma. When some doctors were treating the patients of glaucoma with the Lumigan eye drops the patients could see that their eyelashes had remarkable growth. So the line of Generic Latisse eye drops was discovered for enabling the growth of the eyelashes. The results where perfect therefore the Generic Latisse eye drops are approved by the food and administration activities for the growth of the eyelashes hence it is safe to apply it in the eye. The quantity and the length of the eyelashes will be improved when the solution is applied in the eyelashes. It also makes the colour of the eyelashes darker which will look really appealing.

It is used in the cosmetic field as an eyelash enhancer to beautify the eyelashes. It is the best eyelash growth serum that is why it is popular now. People with uneven eyelashes can use the Generic Latisse to straighten and lengthen the eyelashes.

How does the Generic Latisse enhance the eyelash growth?

• Firstly it prolongs the time of the hair growth phase.

• It multiplies the growth of the number of hairs in this phase.

• If you have small eyelashes that are unremarkable you can use the Generic Latisse eye serum to get healthy and long eyelashes.

• The use of the Latisse also tends to make the eyelashes silky and shiny.

Know the right way to use the Generic Latisse eye drops

Take One drop of the serum in a brush that will be contained within the eye drop solution. Apply on the upper eyelash of the one eye and then take another brush to apply the eye drops on the other eye. Discard the brushes. You can use the one batch of this eye drops for thirty days. Use the eye drops as instructed by the medical specialist.

The right method for the eyelashes

One drop is enough to be applied in the eye. Use a clean applicator and a brush. The eye drop should be applied properly without spilling it in the eye or other the skin. This dosage is suitable for a person with hypotrichosis that is improper eyelash growth and small eyelashes.

Procure the effective Generic Latisse eye drops from the online drug marts

The online drug marts primerxmart has always have a stock of these Generic Latisse eye drops. You can order online without a prescription. The eye drops don’t have side effects so it is safe to use it in the eye. It is not like the other conditioner like eye serums which are not effective in making the eyelashes long. These online pharmacies will deliver you the proper eye drops. You can rely on their quality and service. The sole aim of the online pharmacy is to satisfy the needs of the customers. There is a profit for the customers too. Those who are ordering online get the eye drops for cheap rates. So order the medicines from the online drug marts.

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Generic latisse for increasing the length of your eyelashes

buy generic latisseHow to increase length of eyelashes with generic latisse?

You might have heard now it is possible to lengthen eye lashes but “how” it is still a question for most of the folks. So as a solution this serum is the most proven method for the eyelash growth and also available in most of the online stores. You can buy anytime anywhere. There are number of online store available within and out of the country. It is also one of the tested and FDA approved product. So not only it is easily available but also it is safe to use. Just you need to apply it on your eyelashes once in a day. Its affects can be observed within four to six weeks, but you are willing to get the best results out of it then continue it using till twelve to fifteen weeks.

How does this eyelashes serum work?

In order to understand how does this serum work you must first understand how eyelashes grows? Like hairs on your head, eyelashes also sprout, grow for a time being and then fall. Generic latisse which is easily available online gives proper eyelash growth naturally. It helps in the growth of hairs and also increases the number of sprouts on your eye lashes. To apply it you just need to dab it on the upper part of eyelashes and then it will automatically spreads on the lower part of lashes whenever you blink your eyes. Therefore it helps in thickens both the portion of eyelashes.

Where to buy latisse?

Increasing length of eyelashes with generic latisse is the most convenient option also you can buy online even without prescription from any of the online stores available in the market. With just few clicks on your computer or mobile screen you can place your order successfully and get it delivered at your door step.


Generic Latisse is the most reliable solution but the only thing you need to consider while using eyelash growth serum is that you are not allergic to any of the component included in lattice. If you are already allergic to such things or if you find any kind of irritation after using this product then you must consult a doctor to get the best results out of it. If ever had a medical history of scarring or pigmentation disorders then you must tell your doctor. Because using this product without any doctor’s consultation may increase your skin issues.


If you are willing to enhance your looks with stunning eyelashes then you can order generic latisse online without any prescription from primerxmart. If it is used as per doctor’s prescription then you can get the best results in the least possible time.

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